APPEAL to all people, public, political and state leaders of all countries of the world on the restoration of the rights of D.I. Mendeleev and N. Tesla on their discoveries made during their lifetime



to all people, public, political and state

leaders of all countries of the world on the restoration of the rights of D.I. Mendeleev and N.Tesla on their discoveries made during their lifetime

The need for this Appeal is due to the fact that it is extremely important to end as soon as possible the infinitely long times when the MAIN GOAL of the global policy of the Western elites IS TO ESTABLISH AND MAINTAIN A SUSTAINABLE SLAVING SOCIETY. And all for the sake of enjoying all the excesses of life by a bunch of overly rich and cruel creatures who consider themselves human, but at the same time constantly destroy a significant part of the Earth’s human civilization. Earthlings deserve to live without violence, oppression and be happy!

Today, the colonization of the peoples of the world is mainly carried out not by military force, but by technological means, various hybrid methods and «soft power». And this led to the fact that there was a technological opportunity to bring the «SERVANT MAN». For this, it is necessary need to constantly lower the level of knowledge of mankind. And this, by its destructive results, is not a less danger than the consequences of the use of atomic weapons! In this process, the degree of significance of the still carefully concealed threat, influencing the containment of human civilization and even the degradation of mankind, is growing more and more. The past century has convincingly demonstrated that all the achievements of science have been taken under the strict control of globalists. The purpose of the system they created is to preserve the possibility for the self-proclaimed class of the “chosen ones” to parasitize on all of humanity for as long as possible. Globalists, predicting already the fourth «industrial» pseudo-revolution, declare that it will really equalize everyone, allegedly depriving the rich of property and means of production. In fact, there is an even greater social stratification in society and a deepening chasm between the fabulously rich and ever poorer broad masses of people.

It is the restraint by globalists of SCIENCE, SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL PROGRESS, PRODUCTION RELATIONS, PRODUCTION that limits the man-creator in freeing him from hard and unproductive work. Globalists do this because they know that the improvement of industrial relations, and the entire economic basis, will lead to inevitable changes in the superstructure of country governance, in the political system of many, if not most countries.

And it will inevitably result in the creation of a SOCIETY OF JUSTICE and a STATE GOVERNED BY THE PEOPLE. Scientific and technological progress is directly related to the emergence of a NEW HUMAN, QUALITATIVELY NEW PERSONALITY, perfectly human and merciful. It is the constant growth of SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL PROGRESS (STP), its penetration into all branches of science, education, production, that results a timely change of SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC FORMATIONS to more equitable social and state structures.

It has been scientifically proven that the lower the economic structure of society is, the more monotonous production relations are, devoid of their progressive growth and improvement, the longer private ownership of the means of production and the exploitation of man by man remain, the more parasitic are both society itself and its political superstructure of management. HUMANISM AND JUSTICE disappear from such a crowd-vs-elite society and state! And the RULING CLASS itself, serving the rich, AND OLIGARCHS show their constant inclination to FASCISM AND VIOLENCE.

The beginning of the twentieth century has become a well-known fact of a division of earthly civilization into a part of humanity, which was progressively moving along the path of scientific and technological progress, and a small group of world oligarchs who decided to replace the power of national states by themselves for control the oppressed masses from one Center.

Humanists of our era, all merciful people realize that the dead great scientists, whose knowledge the globalists have consigned to oblivion, CANNOT PROTECT THEMSELVES, defend the discoveries they made during their lifetime, allowing all of humanity to develop with their help. To protect Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, Nikola Tesla, to defend their discoveries (and other researchers of Nature) is the challenge for us, the living! This is our sacred duty!

We must become the CONSCIENCE OF HUMANITY, constantly and everywhere telling about what the greedy globalists have deprived of billions of people! Now we, our supporters and followers, will more persistently demand that politicians and government leaders at all levels of all countries of the world return information about Aether, the true Table of the Periodic Table of Elements, to textbooks in physics, chemistry, encyclopedias and scientific journals. It is necessary to remove all possibilities and unblock fundamental science as soon as possible, free it from the dogmas of pseudoscientists and plagiarists who plant theories that are perverted and far from the laws of Nature.

It was by the beginning of the twentieth century that the famous inventor N. Tesla carried out his program to generate electrical energy by cooling the Aether and using a resonant transformer and a low-power turbine of the Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station. N. Tesla provided an area of approximately 3,000 square miles with virtually free electricity. Tesla’s test site was visited by many journalists, and the news of his strange experiments was reproduced in newspapers. Moreover, the journalists published the words of N. Tesla about obtaining electricity from the aether. Soon, in 1903, a meeting of the US government was held together with leading financiers, where B. Baruch and J.P. Morgan decided to ban Tesla’s technologies, depriving bankers of a monopoly on electricity and the same monopoly and super-profitable sale of it. At the same meeting, a course was taken on the hydrocarbon concept of all business and all politics of the world. The capitalists of the world have chosen oil, natural gas and coal as a priority basis for the energy supply of mankind. Anything that did not correspond to this «hydrocarbon concept» of the world’s development was prohibited for study and industrial implementation.

In principle, this prohibition is still in force, except for a small exception — atomic energy based on a chain reaction of substances of a radioactive group. But this exception is not fundamental, since nuclear power in the form as it is now is deprived of a broad, and, most importantly, safe perspective due to its high cost, environmental hazard and depletion of the resource of radioactive substances.

In the text of the genuine, unfalsified Periodic Table of the Elements by DI Mendeleev, published in the publication «The Periodic Table of the Elements by Groups and Series». DI. Mendeleev. Fundamentals of Chemistry. VIII edition. SPb., 1906 «, the element Aether was placed under the name «Newtonius». This became the crown of all the works of D. I. Mendeleev, who made two fundamental scientific discoveries:

1 – Discovery of the Periodic Law in Substance Chemistry in 1869.

2 – The discovery of the relationship between the substance of chemistry and the substance of Aether, namely: the particles of Aether form molecules, nuclei, electrons, etc., but do not participate in chemical reactions.

There was Aether («Newtonius») in the D.I. Mendeleev’s original table. The cell for Aether was located in the ZERO GROUP with inert gases and in the ZERO ROW, as it was the main system-forming factor for the construction of the System of chemical elements. After the death of D.I. Mendeleev in 1907, the table was distorted, removing Aether from it, and canceling the zero group, thereby HIDING THE FUNDAMENTAL DISCOVERY OF THE CONCEPTUAL SIGNIFICANCE. This is an unprecedented crime in history, committed not only against one of the most famous scientists in the world, but also against all mankind, which was deprived of the possibility of development on the basis of the discovery made by D. I. Mendeleev!

And now, for more than a hundred years, all mankind has been teaching a distorted Periodic System, against the will of the deceased author, and the very fact of his discovery! Only for a particularly powerful and mobilized global criminal structure capable of total control over almost all spheres of human life and society had the power and influence to do this. In modern tables of Aether: 1 – is not visible, 2 — and is not guessed (due to the absence of the zero group).

Such a purposeful forgery hinders the development of the progress of civilization.

Man-made disasters (for example, Chernobyl and Fukushima) would have been excluded if adequate resources had been invested in the development of the true Mendeleev table in a timely manner.

Concealment of conceptual knowledge is going on at the global level to «lower» civilization.

As a result, D.I. Mendeleev’s truncated table is taught in schools and universities.

When assessing the current situation, it should be noted that Mendeleev’s table without Aether is like humanity without children — you can live, but there will be no development and future. There will be stagnation at one level of consumption of exhaustible resources, which, in the end, will lead to a conflictual end of human civilization due to constant wars for resources.


A new level of development of science and the entire civilization is possible only with a change in the information state of society, the liberation of knowledge from their criminal concealment from humanity by globalists.

The return to the true Periodic Table of D.I. Mendeleev is no longer a scientific question, but a political question.

One more fact. On October 28, 1942, at the New Yorker Hotel (New York, USA), the last lifetime interview with the great Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla took place. t was taken 2 months before his death by a journalist and a close friend of Nikola Tesla — Alfred S. Hole (A.S. Hole), with whom Tesla had close contact for the last 15 years of his life.

N.Tesla felt that his days were waning, his vitality was fading. He spoke about his most important discovery, a wonderful machine capable of extracting energy from the environment without causing any damage to it, or even a trace. N. Tesla informed the journalist that on October 16, 1942, he applied for a patent for a device that would use electricity and several mechanical parts to generate energy from an endless and constant source — the luminous AETHER. And then he was no longer sure that the application would be approved soon and felt how the forces were leaving him.

N.Tesla spent more than half of his life for the development of his most important invention and was convinced that all mankind could henceforth not worry about getting energy in any other way than his device.

When the mechanism designed by him started working, N. Tesla considered it as a revolution in science and the life of mankind. After its implementation, it will no longer be necessary to burn millions of tons of fuel, poisoning the air, it will not be necessary to extract coal, oil, gas, peat, shale, etc. in terrible conditions, polluting and destroying Nature — it will be enough to start his device, and any the user will be able to get clean energy anywhere on earth, at any time of the day or night, and even in an unlimited amount! Today we can also add that with N. Tesla’s device, energy can be produced anywhere in the Universe, and the principles of transport could be changed in such a way that the usual vehicles with internal combustion engines on wheels and tracks would no longer be needed. Their movement would already be possible above the surface of the earth, on different corridors of height, which would exclude the need for the road surfaces themselves, and the very danger of death of people on the roads and the road accidents themselves. pace exploration, finally, would reach a qualitatively new level, since it will no longer be necessary to fill spacecraft with large and heavy volumes of an oxidizer (oxygen) when launching spacecraft, without which fuel in space engines cannot burn in airless space. Mastering the Far Space without the technology of extracting energy from the Aether is IMPOSSIBLE!

No matter how carefully globalists hide the information since the 19th century, the mention of the Aether, life has proved that there is no so-called PHYSICAL NATURAL VACUUM.  There is no vacuum anywhere in nature!!! Everything is permeated with a substance, the essence of which is evidenced by the discoveries of Mendeleev and Tesla. And it’s wonderful!!! It gives a chance to live anywhere in the universe. After all, the propagation of light from stars to planets and stars, signals from radiation and electronic fields, signals from spacecraft launched many years ago by people, and the very communication with cosmonauts and astronauts on the ISS is DIRECT PROOF OF THE ABSENCE OF VACUUM AND THE PRESENCE OF AETHER EVERYWHERE AND PERMANENTLY!

Globalists, those who have captured the hydrocarbon economy, power over the resources of the Earth and the key countries of the world, will try to hold back science and progress for as long as possible. To do this, they need to keep billions of people in darkness and ignorance.

Knowledge and people, every person who supports the progressive path of improvement of earthly civilization, understands that the real liberation of the Earth and its peoples from slavery is possible only through the unimpeded development of scientific and technological progress.

Anyone who has read this APPEAL, agrees with it and supports it — please make your own contribution to the struggle for the real liberation of HUMANITY, your relatives and friends, — spread it among all your relatives, friends, loved ones in all countries and among all peoples of the world. By this we will protect and MAKE AVAILABLE FOR ALL THE DISCOVERIES OF THE AIR OF TWO GREAT SCIENTISTS of our PLANET: Dmitry Ivanovich MENDELEV and Nikola Tesla.

— We demand from the US patent service to publish N. Tesla’s application for a device patent and its description, filed by him on 10/16/1942, to obtain energy from AETHER.

— We also demand from the governments of countries around the world to publish and lift the bans on publication in all scientific and educational publications of the Periodic Table of Elements, published in the publication «Periodic Table of Elements by Groups and Series» by D.I. Mendeleev. Fundamentals of Chemistry. VIII edition. SPb., 1906 «, containing information about the AETHER.


Chairman of a public organization


Honored Lawyer of Ukraine Sergey (Serhii) Kirichenko



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